Analysis of the car dvd player industry technology trends


First of all, Professor Lee to give us the vehicle computer industry technology trends in this industry, there are two obvious trends, one is intelligent, the other is cloud computing. “Smart technology, or cloud technology, the final that “science and technology people-oriented, technology products and services. All of the top or the latest technology, must be reflected on the product features can be realized the value of this technology. Day margin of the wisdom of coming in a cloud products, it is this forward-looking products. Launch of the next big trend The latest features – cloud-recognition technology, most experts already know a little about.

Cloud recognition technology to locate, Professor Li said that this technology with the previous technology is completely different, this is a revolutionary breakthrough in technology. It looks just transform the way a human-computer interaction, from the touch input and handwriting, has now become the voice voice to enter this little difference, but it is a great technological breakthroughs. Professor Lee gives us examples to further elaborate, we use mobile phones are candy bar phone, the small button on the key input, and now we are the market-selling mobile phones, are the handwritten input function. Handwriting features in the vehicle computer industry, voice, voice-input technology, can be analog phone, the functionality of a revolutionary breakthrough in human-computer interaction, the voice recognition capabilities in the future product is likely to be out of the market. ” what kind of difference this technology car dvd and car gps breakthrough will it  Professor Lee succinctly summed up in six words: safe, fast and pleasant.

Hunan University professor Li Zhiyong: Chi coming in the clouds or into the car drive the development of mainstream direction

   FREEWAY product R & D Co., Ltd. technical adviser, Professor Li also introduced to the Chi coming in the clouds, day margin product development planning.

Professor Li said the upcoming Chi coming in a cloud product is the first edition of the series. On the hardware, use the ARM11 platform, Features include these basic features of the voice, search, and Bluetooth phone.

Chi coming in a cloud product, the second edition is being planned, will be in the following four areas to achieve a breakthrough: the first will be to strengthen the voice recognition rate; will introduce real-time traffic information and other services, you can guide the owners to avoid the traffic block the road sections and traffic accidents sections, select the most efficient way to reach their destinations; will be realized online music playback, so that occupants have a more pleasant driving experience; will achieve the panoramic view of monitoring functions, which greatly improve driving safety.

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